Firebase / Onesignal notification not recived from website

After buying RokcetWeb from codecanyon everything is working fine but when I send a notification that’s not working. But I received a notification on my browser.

Case 1:
First of all, complete the setup and use the real device to test notification. If you send the notification from Firebase/Onesignal dashboard then you should receive it on your mobile device. If not then you have an issue with the mobile end setup and you need to fix it.

Case 2:
You successfully recived the notification from Firebase/Onesignal dashboard. But when you send a notification from a website that’s not recived the app. It’s happening because your website sends for the browser not for the app. App and browser notificaion are different. Implement the API on your website and send it to the mobile app as well.

Push notifications (Mobile) - Public developer documentation - Totara Help

Case 3:
You are recived notification from the website but you want to send a user-specific notification. At this point, you need to collect the user’s unique notification ID from the app. Then you can use store the ID on your DB and send user-specific notifications. To know how you can get the unique ID follow the setup doc or contact via email.

For support please share your purchase code and follow this:

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